Collect all the 6 ZeLeLi pearls in sequence, in a stage, and conquer all the monsters to open the portal to the next stage.

  • New opponents keep appearing, so stay alert!

  • If a dangerous monster attacks you, Niki will lose a life.

  • Barbs can hurt both Niki Ball as well as Niki Rock.

  • If you lose all available lives, the game will be over.

  • If you linger for a long time in a stage, it will get flooded. If the stage gets filled to the top, you lose a life.

  • You will not lose any lives if you fall into an abyss: Niki will only reappear at the upper margin of the stage.

  • If you leave the screen on the left or right margin, you will again appear on the opposite side, so make sure in advance that there are no monsters lurking there.

  • If you finish a stage particularly quickly, you will receive a valuable medal! Collect every individual medal to gain complete mastery over the game.



ZeLeLi amulet

Some opponents can be conquered as a rock only. Look for the ZeLeLi amulet to convert Niki Ball into Niki Rock. As a rock, Niki is not only protected against monster attacks, he also becomes much slower and heavier. If the water comes up to your neck, you can dive down in the shape of Niki Rock.




If Niki touches this item, he will be transformed briefly into a fireball. As a fireball, not only is Niki invincible, he can even scale unexpected heights.