A harmless little ball of slime that hates to leave its place. By nature it dislikes corners and edges. Just a small nudge is enough to squish it out!
Though it does not have a nose, this barbed ball of wool can find you no matter where you are hiding. The only way you can face it is as Niki Rock!


A fat, snug barrel that is keen on exploring its environment. Do it a favor and hurl it through the air!


A crab-like monster that harbors only ill intentions towards you. It hunts down everything and anything it sees with its gigantic goggle eyes. Take care not to get caught between its pincers, especially when you are Niki Ball!



This friend of the trees pirouettes with the winds from the woods. As a jumping mass of earth, it sometimes dreams of being a bird - or a helicopter.


This is just a list of the confirmed monsters. However, there are rumors that there are even more dangerous ones lurking outside the village...




The Turbofan gets activated as soon as Niki finds the ZeLeLi Amulet. It can blow away all opponents and even drive Niki Ball upwards. Heavy objects like Niki Rock can withstand the jet of air.



A Bumper hurls everything that comes too close to it through the air, and fast.