In the far future:

Now that the black Shadow Plättchen had failed to stop the birth of the ZeLeLi, they began to thrive in the wide expanse of far-flung space, spreading havoc.

A planetary system far away from ours was not spared either; these creatures paid a visit. All the living creatures there were transformed into balls and attacked by the monsters created by the black Shadow Plättchen.

Niki, a small ball-shaped lad, stood up against the monsters to protect his village, but hardly stood a chance with his spherical form.


So far, that is! During one of his battles he comes across a mysterious ZeLeLi amulet, which gives him the ability to change into a hard rock and thereby free his village from the monsters.

Hurry up and help Niki chase away all the monsters before they become too many and the village is overpowered!